Home Security Systems Market Growth and Breaking Through It

Property crime is the most common crime in the United States. As many become victims of larceny, theft, and burglary, many become interested in the home security system market. Before you invest, it’s important to learn about the market dynamics of the home security systems market. In this blog, we will help your business adopt the key market trends. You will also learn the top tricks in getting a bigger market share by applying the right business solutions.

The key players of the booming home security system market in North America continue to improve the products and services. This comes as no surprise since those key players know that by the end of 2027, the home security systems market will be worth US$82.3 billion. Those numbers are based on a CAGR of 6.8% for the forecast period of 2020-2027.

If you’re deciding whether you should invest in the home security system market, you must know everything there is about why it continues to grow. We’ll let you know how your company can be among the key market players in the flourishing home security system market.

Why Home Security Systems Market in North America Keeps Growing

Home security system market in North America continues to grow due to many factors. The market growth of the home security system market can be because of the new market trends. This includes how technologies in home security systems have improved. 

Yet, some factors come from how the world has evolved.

Advances in Technology

The increasing adoption of smart devices and wireless technologies made this market attractive. The software and hardware devices used in home security systems make the home security system market interesting for homeowners and business owners. Smart home security systems allow people to take control of the safety of their homes even when they’re miles away. 

The ability to track anytime and anywhere is what keeps consumers on the lookout for the new technologies in home security systems. 

This is why the key players in the home security system market continue to improve their products and services. This is among the key drivers in the market. As more cities become smart cities, there’s always an increasing demand for high-tech stuff. 

The Increase of Theft, Larceny, and Burglary Cases

Property crime is much more common than other forms of crimes in the United States or most parts of North America. Larceny, theft, and burglary are the top three of property crimes committed. This says a lot about why many have become interested in home security systems. It helps homeowners to do more in protecting their independent homes.

Property crime is much more common than other forms of crimes in the United States or most parts of North America

More People Are Aware of the Benefits That the Home Security System Market Bring

Homeowners know that the most effective tool in not making their homes a target for property crime is to install a home security system. They know that they will be removing threats by installing home security systems, and a 2013 study backs this up. According to the study, 60% of burglars don’t dare violate homes with home security systems installed. 

The Boom in the Residential Sector Creates a Boom in The Sales of Home Security Systems in North America

As the number of houses being built increases, the number of worried homeowners increases, as well. This is beneficial for the home security systems market for obvious reasons. It means there are more people buying a home security system for their new independent homes.

The Increase in Population

Like the majority of the global market, the home security system market also finds the rise in population good for business. As a family grows in number, they would choose a bigger home, and a bigger home has more areas that can welcome threats. 

What The Competitive Landscape of the Home Security Systems Market Looks Like

The key players in the global home security market continue to thrive. The market leaders in the Asia Pacific make an effort to make their smart home security systems better than the key players in North America. This is because most people who invest in the home security system market are not in Asia Pacific countries. They are found in North America. 

In every business market, it’s a huge benefit if you have an idea of any competitive landscape report that you can get your hands on.

What key players in home security system market in North America have in common in their home security systems:

· Intrusion Protection (this can be through video surveillance systems.)

· Environmental Protection (Fire protection systems and CO detection.)

· Access Control Systems

· Wireless Technologies

· DIY Security Systems

· Wireless and Cellular Monitoring

What the key players in North America do to their home security systems to survive in the competitive global home security system market:

· Adjust to people’s active lifestyle by improving their remote monitoring services.

· Focus on offering  a 24/7 video surveillance system with an access control system.

· Offer affordable pricing to make the home security system market attractive to all homeowners.

· Create newer security solutions. The companies in North America are working hard to improve software and hardware devices on their home security systems.

· Launched newer technologies. Some major companies in North America are using AI or artificial intelligence. Cloud based technologies, as well, are said to be integrated into a home security system. These have been among the factors that attract consumers to invest their money in the home security system market.

· Develop the current smart home security systems to save more energy while improving safety. 

· For people who live in small houses and buildings, the key companies in North America. They will try to provide them with a simpler video intercom solution.

· Some consumers find it hard to install security cameras that are facing their doorstep. This is why most key companies in the home security system market in North America provide them with better doorbell cameras. Allowing people to mount their security cameras near their doors has become a big concern.

Market research is vital in knowing if you’re investing your money right. You should know the competitive landscape of the home security system market. If  you’re planning to get in it is important in going against the major players in your area. Make sure you’re offering what they are offering and are improving your security systems as fast as those major players are.

Doing a market analysis on the home security system market helps you in knowing how tough it is to break through it. SWOT analysis, but, helps you in knowing if your company is tough enough to break through it. Below is a list of how you can make your company tough this competitive market out.

How to Go Against the Major Companies in Home Security Systems Market

Face it, when it’s your first time in the business world, and you see how the key companies are doing in the market, you ask yourself, “will I ever get a piece of that market share?”. The business world in North America can be tough to navigate. With how the home security system market continues to boom, it will be tougher for new players. 

Here’s what you should consider before getting your feet wet in the competitive home security system market. 

The Home Security Equipment and Software That Customers Invest in The Most

Sure, you’ve known how much market growth it takes during the forecast period of 2020-2027. And you’d think that your market share is the same as those major players. Well, we both know that what consumers care about is the quality of the products you provide. Below are not about what home security equipment you should offer, but also a glimpse of the current market trends.

Video Surveillance All Day Without Delays

Video surveillance services have continued to gain the most market share. More people had realized how important it is to know what’s happening inside their homes when exactly something happened. Home security systems owners and would-be owners invest most in video surveillance systems. The services allow them to get notified right away of threats, stopping threats from becoming a bad experience.

Security Cameras That Do More Than Capture Images

Security cameras today don’t capture images. They do more than what they’re supposed to do when you have smart home security systems in your beloved homes. 

People who invested in security cameras installed their IP cameras on different areas of their homes that are prone to threats. Those areas are what people check the most. They can be the entry points, hard to see areas of their property, garages, and the common rooms like the living and dining room. 

The Features of Security Cameras that Customers Look for The Most

Video surveillance systems are the most common yet essential product in the home security systems market. It would make sense that you should provide your customers with the security cameras that give the most benefits for you to get a market share.

· Field of View

Most homeowners want to install surveillance cameras that can cover most of their surroundings. Some would want cameras with a narrower field since these cameras capture greater details. 

Some homeowners would want cameras with a wider viewing angle. With a wider field, owners don’t need to reposition or rotate their cameras to see what’s going on in their surroundings.

· HD Video Quality

What good are security cameras if they won’t capture images that would help cops identify burglars? Most surveillance cameras that are available in the home security systems market have 720p to 1080p resolution.

But, there’s a downside to using HD cameras. The higher the resolution, the more it chews on the owner’s Internet bandwidth. Choose the surveillance cameras for your customer that fits their internet capability.

A great video also helps the access control feature. With a clearer picture, you can see on your phone’s screen that it is, indeed, your gardeners who used their access codes.

· Two-way Audio

Thieves will run away as from as possible from your house when they hear your voice telling them to get out, or the cops are on their way. Security cameras with this feature are also great in telling your visitor on your doorstep. You can tell them you’re coming down to greet them or tell them that you’re currently away from home. Most homeowners find this feature useful in so many ways, so make sure you have these cameras available for their homes.

· PTZ Cameras

PTZ or Pan-Tilt-Zoom security cameras are sought by homeowners, as well. The cameras can swivel left to right, tilt up and down, and zoom in to a subject. But, these security cameras won’t last that long. They have too many moving parts compared to the fixed solutions. 

This solution is adopted by companies in North America, Asia Pacific, and other key regions in the global market. This feature is what most homeowners look for the most since it allows them to investigate the current situation from their phones.

· Many Storage Options

Homeowners would want to know what happened by playing the recordings taken by their security cameras. It can be infuriating if you couldn’t see the recordings from the past week, which can be vital for police investigation. Offer customers the option to store the recordings on their storage drive or in the cloud. 

The increasing use of cloud based technologies is one of the industry trends in the home security systems market. This is a lot of new consumers. Give your company a boost by adopting this technology.

· Low-light or Infrared Mode (Night Vision)

This is a feature that your security cameras should have. A home security system should not only work during the day. This feature has always been one of the market trends that keep the home security systems market alive.

· Wireless Security Cameras

People want to install their security cameras wherever they want without the hassle of buying extension cords.  And this includes figuring out a way for the cords to be out of sight. Battery-operated cameras give the benefit of positioning the cameras anywhere in your home. 

The downside? You have to replace or recharge batteries. The smart home security market allows users to know if batteries need to be replaced or recharged through their smartphones.

Access Control Systems

This feature is among the market trends, as well, that you want to invest in when you decide to join the home security systems market. This feature is what most people want when they spend their money on security system integration services. 

Even the top companies in the Asia Pacific and those involved in this type of global market make it a priority to integrate these systems. They know that business owners would want to know that only their employees are accessing their offices. 

An access control system can also be helpful for homeowners. Access control services allow users to set schedules for healthcare workers to visit their loved ones. Or for their gardeners to visit their homes when they are away. They will be notified if their service personnel have entered or exited their homes. 

Remote Monitoring Services

The ability to watch your home is among the key market trends in the smart home security market in North America. Video surveillance systems today detect threats, notify the owners and notify the local police.

H5: The Threats Monitored and The Security Solutions for Every Threat 

· Unwanted Entry

With the many helpful features of a video surveillance system, homeowners will be able to stop illegal entry from happening. This can be through motion sensors that are integrated into your cameras. Your home will have intruder alarms that will notify you right away. Also, your alarm systems will alarm your home security company to call the local authorities. 

Artificial Intelligence or AI is also a component in intruder alarms. Your home security system will learn who visits your home. If someone is unrecognized, your phone will get a notification. 

When you’re away from home, the lights inside your home can stop crime, too. Your phone or tablet can control your smart home devices like your smart lights. You can turn the lights on and off to make an impression that somebody is home. 

Access control systems also detect unwanted visitors. This solution only lets authorized persons enter your home at predetermined times. 

· House Fire

A fire protection system will detect smoke and heat inside your independent homes. You’ll be alerted through your app that fire is building inside your home from the stove you left on as you rushed to work. 

Also, the fire department will be sent when the heat levels inside your home can lead to a house fire. The immediate emergency response feature makes professional installations better than a “DIY” installation. 

Nobody wants their fire alarms screeching even though there’s no actual emergency. Let consumers know that what prevents false alarms are professional installations. When a fire protection system is installed , it can affect their comfort. 

· Dangerous Carbon Monoxide or CO Levels

The CO detectors will sound an alarm that your house has high CO levels inside. This gives homeowners enough time to do what they need to do to keep their families safe, and call professional services to fix this issue.

A Different Yet Most Effective Way in Breaking Through Any Competitive Market

Nothing can beat doing a market analysis to know how to navigate the home security system market. You can learn everything there is about the market dynamics or learn about the market leaders in this trade to beat them. But, your detailed analysis alone won’t make your home security system company reach the top.

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The growing need for a home security system, and the increase in population have helped the home security system market flourish. 

The market leaders in the home security market system market continue to make an effort. It helps make home security system components more advanced yet affordable to buy.

It may take time to break through. There are some things you should improve the security solutions you provide. With the best digital marketing solution, you may end up being one of the market leaders in this market.